> London Wine Fair (part one)

Brick Red
Red Laquer
Eccentric English Café, Serving up Thai
The Winery (Domaine Rouge-Bleu in now on the menu!)
Friendly Sicilian seller!
The Winery (former apothecary)
Piccadilly Market
Piccadilly Pretty
Blurry Black Bagnole
The Crown and Shuttle
Monsieur Spurrier of Decanter Magazine, our first visitor!
Gus and Ze Grape Gaulois (left)
With Chris Golding (Chris, best wishes for positive results re your son's medical school interview!)
Our Hostess with the Mostess, Alicia, and friend Johnny.
Jean-Marc, Chris, and Chloé (who manned the stand to our right)
With Marie-Paule.
With the Mckeons, père et fille Rebecca. (Sorry to have missed you, Karen!)