> London Wine Fair (Part Two)

Alicia, Thanks, to you and to Misha for manning the stand after JM & I raced to catch our flight!
With Vincent Pérez
My friend Alicia trying to score another sale for Domaine Rouge-Bleu.
Old Sign near Stoke Newington Road
Blue Skies
Old Sign and Bricks
Shadow Dancing Stranger
Old & New
Sunny Façade
Anthony and Jo Kennedy arrived with friends!
Roy, who "lightened" our stand by 18 bottles. Thanks, Roy!
That's Roy (with 2 boxes of Rouge-Bleu), about to "whisk" 5 cases through the London underground.
Lorienne & friends
Happy Ladies. With Helen (right) and her accomplice in fun.
With Erik's friends: Owen, Andrew, Mark, Jessica, and Dawn.
That's Donald, on the right. He helped edit one of me books (make that "my").
la bicyclette
Tea is Big in Angleterre!
Ellen and Sandy. Happy to see these two again!
Eric and Jean-Marc
Eric Martin
A cute couple that we snagged as they walked by.
Oxana and Alex, another cute couple Anglo-Russe.
Alex, Oxana, et ami.
Sharon sent along these angels, Emily & Matt, in her place. (Bonjour Sharon!)
Eva's fan club (sorry we missed you, Eva!)